Pond liner repair kits are available on our website; these can be used for patching damaged flexible rubber pond liners.

When repairing a pond liner, you may be required to drain your pond if the damage to the liner is below the water level, or towards the bottom of the pond.

If the liner is damaged to the side or outer edge of your pond, then you may just need to drain the water until the damaged area of the pond liner is exposed, this will allow you to keep the livestock within the pond and repair the damage without disturbing them to much.

Customers often ask if they can put another liner over their existing one. The answer is commonly Yes. When replacing the liner within your pond instead of removing the old liner this can be left in situ, this will add cushioning to your new liner, it is still recommended that you use underlay between the old and the new liner to prevent any small stones or pieces of wood puncturing the new liner.

NOTE: If your old liner is damaged because of roots or stones penetrating through then these would need to be removed before installing the new liner to prevent this from damaging the new liner.
( some manufacturers will only honor guarantees if you can prove the damaged liner has underlay underneath)

We advise seeking as much assistance before beginning this task in order to maintain a healthy pond.