The All Pond Solutions Koi Pond Filter System is a complete box filtration system designed to run pond water through a variety of Filter Media, fine and coarse foams to keep your pond looking crystal clear.

  Filter Operation  
The filtration system uses a variety of filter media distributed amongst the different compartments inside its filter bay, allowing you to filter high volumes of water. This single bay filter system has two (2) Blue Coarse Filter Foams and two (2) Yellow Fine Filter Foams included.
The filter has four different stages of filtration: 
  1. Firstly, the water passes through the filter media bay (stocked with media of your choice)
  2. Then the water is guided through high-quality Japanese matting;
  3. After matting, the water will flow through the filter foams provided;
  4. The last section of the filter bay has additional room for filter media.
  • Please note that box filters are not pressurised.
  • They have to fit above water level.
  • You cannot put pipework on.
  • Sponges need replacing once a season.
  • Box filters MUST be used with a pump.
  • To clean,  pull the handles - this will pull the sponges up.
Note - it is important to always make sure it is positioned at the highest level of water to prevent overflowing water.

Never attach pipework to the outlet.