The flow rate of you pond pump can vary depending on a many different factors:
  • Head height, for every meter of head height the pump has to pump up hill there is a loss of flow is approximately 1000Liters.
(Your pump manufacturer should indicator this in the operation instructions; this should be taken into account when choosing a pump for this purpose)
  • Blockages within the pipework or impeller hosing, this could be down to the pump pulling in larger debris and clogging the pipework.
  • Any valves within the pipework, when the valve is close this can stop the flow from you pump, but even if the valve is not fully closed this can restrict the flow from you pump as debris can build up around the valve opening and slowly block the path of water. (simply opening and closing the valve a couple of times should relieve this problem)
  • Elbows, T’s, U bend and Y’s all of these fitting can help you to channel you pipework effectively, but the more fittings you use the more you slow the flow.
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