Your pond pump maybe noisy for a number of reasons.

Important: Disconnect mains electricity supply before handling or attempting maintenance. Always fully read and check the troubleshooting section within your product instruction manual. 

Please see below checklist;
  • Open the unit up and inspect the impeller and shaft for any damage or blockages;
  • Check the plastic propeller part is attached or disconnected from the magnet body of the impeller?
  • If the shaft or impeller has snapped or disconnected or become damaged this part will need to be replaced;
  • If these parts look fine and there are two rubber grommets fitted on each end of the shaft, or already inside the fittings, then re-assemble the unit;
  • Regular cleaning of these parts should be carried out to stop any damage from happening.
  • Your pond pump may have an air lock, please lift the pump and tilt from left to right to remove any still air that maybe trapped under the cover/ grills of the pump.
If you need to order a replacement impeller and shaft these are available on our website, please click here

Still unsure why your pond pump is making noise? Please contact our customer service team who will be happy to assist with some additional troubleshooting.