Powerhead Assembly  
Please refer to the images attached and the instructions below;

  • Attach pump part to mounting bracket as shown in the picture attached, labeled 'A', ensuring that the curved and straight edges line-up;
  • Connect inlet and outlet pipework as shown in the picture attached, labeled 'B';
  • Insert the power head through the hood filtration bay into the aquarium, ensuring inlet is fully submerged;
  • Position the outlet spray-bar above filtration bays ensuring holes are facing downwards toward the filter trays;
  • Connect it to a power supply and allow a few minutes for the unit to prime trapped air. Check the positioning of the spray-bar before closing filtration bay lid.

Important: Disconnect mains electricity supply before handling or attempting maintenance. Always fully read and check the troubleshooting section within your product instruction manual. 

The pump will pull the water from the bottom on the tank and into the top spray bar. The will then disperse the water over the filter foams first, the sink down to the bio logical media shown below. 

When the water has gone through the media it is then in the bottom tray underneath the grates, this then flows out the other side of the tank.

Hood Filtration & Media Set Up:

  • Please place the black filter grates in the bottom first. There should be a gap between the bottom and these for the water to run through
  • Then place the Bio Balls and Ceramic rings on top. Please keep the Ceramic Rings in the mesh bag and the bio balls loose.
  • Please connect the black flexible pipe to the spray bar and place the spray bar in the groves along the top of the filter trays.
  • The clear pipe is the outlet and sits inside the small hole to disperse the water.
  • The pump should sit inside the cradle like this and be fully submerged in the tank water. Also the venturi pipe can sit outside of the hole in the back and outside of the tank.