In the case that your tank leaking, we ask that you perform the following checks and then contact us after with your results so that we can quickly resolve the issue for you.

  • Start by checking that all interior equipment is running correctly, such as filters and spray bars, and check for possible over-spilling blockages, especially from the back of the filtration section.
  • If the leak is dripping from the bottom corners, it is likely this could be due to a condensation build up in the hood. To check for this, please remove the hood of the tank for a small amount of time to . Dry the tank from any previous water and test the unit for around 30 minutes to 1 hour. If the leaking continues please continue below;
  • Please remove all Livestock and drain the water from tank. Local aquatics stores will generally hold fish for safekeeping if you do not have a holding tank; 
  • Please inspect the glass viewing area for accidental damage caused by tank inhabitants, equipment or ornaments such as rocks or stones;
  • After initial inspection remove the tank glass and place it safely outdoors or in a suitable place to run a leak test;
  • Fill the tank FULL with water and leave for 24 hours. Please mark with a non-permanent marker pen any drop in water level;
  • Please check the supplied cabinet for water damage;

To assist with condensation issues, condensation covers are available;

See our blog post on home repairs you can do on your aquarium.

Once you have completed this leak test, If a genuine leak is established, Please clearly photograph the area suspected of a leak and contact our Customer Service team and we will provide a suitable resolution.