To check your Internal Filter;

Important: Disconnect mains electricity supply before handling or attempting maintenance. Always fully read and check the troubleshooting section within your product instruction manual. 

  • Open the unit up and take a look at the impeller and shaft. Inspect these parts for damages or blockages and clogging. 

  • Remove the motor head and check that the impeller and the shaft are intact, unblocked, and in place.

  • Make sure that the plastic propeller part of the impeller is attached to the magnetic part and that they have not come apart or split. If these parts look fine and there are two rubber grommets fitted on each end of the shaft, or already inside the fittings, then please re-assemble the unit. 

If you need to order a replacement impeller and shaft these are available on our website, please click here

You should expect some noise output as they are motorised electrical products, but this should be no more than a continuous low hum. If you are concerned, we would maybe consider adding a little foam cushioning between the surface wall it rests on to minimise vibration sound. Excessive loud sound is an indication of an impeller or shaft issue. If this has not resolved your issue, please contact our Customer Service team