Important: Disconnect mains electricity supply before handling or attempting maintenance. Always fully read and check the troubleshooting section within your product instruction manual. 

This may seem to be a very obvious but first, please check the fuse. Surprisingly, it is often overlooked. If this is all okay, then the next thing to check will be the impeller inside the motor head.

Please ensure that this has not become blocked, damaged, or dislodged at all, as this can often cause the unit to malfunction. You will need to remove these parts and inspect to make sure that the plastic propeller part of the impeller is attached to the magnetic part and that they have not come apart or split. If both the shaft and impeller seem fine and there are two rubber grommets on either end, then you may fit them securely back in place.

If you have an EF from the newer range. You will notice it has a magnetic connection between the head and the canister of the unit. When this product is assembled, it's important the filter media baskets are positioned in the canister the correct way around. This will ensure the magnetic override on the head aligns with the piece of metal on the canister. If you are experiencing issues with this, please move the head around 90 degrees, this should make the bulb ignite.

Lastly, it is worth trying to plug the unit into a different power supply. When you turn the power on, notice if the unit is making any noise or is it completely silent. 

If you are still experiencing issues within the warranty period please contact our Customer Service Team with a short video explaining the issue you are experiencing. 

Alternatively, if your warranty has expired you can purchase a new head unit for your filter. This contains all the electrical components of the product. You can find replacement head units listed here.