If you are experiencing issues with your LED lights, please run through some checks below;
Important: Disconnect mains electricity supply before handling or attempting maintenance. Always fully read and check the troubleshooting section within your product instruction manual. 

Please turn the unit off, firstly check the plug, cable and wires are all intact and no damages. Please check the fuse in the plug, replace if required.

If the LED's are in the hood of your LZ aquarium, please remove the hood. Notice the two switches on top of the unit, check both of these are switched in the ‘On’ position. Once you have removed the hood, pull the lighting from the plastic clips. Hold the rubber seal tightly on one side and pull the tube light away from the connection. Check for any obvious damages. Swap the bulbs to and ensure both are correctly fitted into the two pin connection. You'll hear a faint click as they connect.
LED Lights have an extremely long lamp life in comparison to incandescent and fluorescent lights, but they are not immortal. LEDs will slowly fade over time. However, LEDs can wear out much faster if they are not installed or maintained properly.

Once you’ve carried this out, if your unit is still not working please contact our Customer Service Team and attach any supporting videos and images.