What is a drip loop and why do I need one?
With any aquarium, water is inevitably going splash and drip around the area of the tank at some point; performing water changes and filter maintenance can be a bit messy no matter how hard you try. A bit of water splashing out of your fish tank is not cause for concern if proper safety precautions are in place.  One of the most important safety measures to take with electric aquarium equipment is a drip loop.

What is a drip loop?
An aquarium drip loop is simply the cord of your electric product that loops down past the outlet and then back up to it.

How can I create a drip loop?
Before purchasing aquarium equipment, make sure the cord is long enough to allow for more than enough space between the location of your aquarium electrics and the plug socket. With the extra length of the cord you will have a suitable drip loop. If the cord of your current equipment is too short for a drip loop, an extension cord will help to make sure you do not have a straight line from your fish tank to the mains electricity outlet.

Why do I need a drip loop?
A drip loop is necessary to protect you from electric shock, and your home from fire, if moisture were to travel down the equipment cord and into the socket that it is plugged in to. No matter how careful you try to be, it is better to be safe than sorry when it comes to handling electrics.