The bubble box is a piece of equipment designed to connect too your downpipe (the weir connection) which allows the water to flow into your sump at a much more gentle rate.
This assists in reducing the amount of water lost to the system through evaporation. This allows for much more consistency in your aquariums salinity level which is imperative to a reef system.
The water will flow from the weir, through your pipe work into the bubble box. The bubble box will reduce the amount of water splash back, salt spread as well as hugely assist in reducing the formation of micro bubbles in the aquarium.
To summarise, this fantastic piece of equipment will assist in the following -
  • Effectively reduces nuisance micro bubbles
  • Controls salt spray - reducing sump maintenance
  • Greatly reduces sump drain noise
  • Increase the oxygen levels by the overflow falling / splashing and breaking the water surface inside the box.
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